Concrete Admixture - Uni Plast SP

Uni Plast SP is an organic based liquid high performing super plasticizer and high range water reducing action. It enhances mobility, workability and obvious strengthening effects so that advantages of accelerating project mould turnover and construction speed. It can be used with most local cement and cementitious material with a margin on cement savings.

Concrete Admixture

Concrete Admixture

Universal Construction Chemicals

Concrete Admixture

Concrete Admixture

Concrete Admixture

Universal Construction Chemicals

Concrete Admixture

Uni Plast SP Uses

High Range Water Reducing And Super Plasticizing Concrete Admixture

Precast manufacturer, Ready mix producers, Civil Contractors and DIY professionals use Uni Plast SP in the production concrete for structures such as slabs and foundations, walls, columns, slender components with densely packed reinforcement, textures surface finishes, pre-stressed concrete, bridges and cantilever structures.

Uni Plast SP

Uni Plast SP Advantages

  • Offers high strength concrete with normal workability but lower water content
  • Provides a concrete mix with less cement but high strength and workability
  • Provides a good slump retention
  • No retardant at normal dosage
  • Reduces water up to 30 %
  • Over 300 million Fibers per m3 of screed
  • Concrete begins to flow easily and becomes self leveling
  • Concrete becomes cohesive and does not have undesirable bleeding, segregation or loss of strength
  • Non corrosive
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Provides excellent flow properties
  • Provides high early and final strength

Typical Properties & Specifications

Sr. No. Properties Specification
1 Physical Appearance Dark Brown liquid
2 Specific Gravity 1.210 + 0.020
3 Chloride content (%) < 0.2 % (as per IS:9103 -1999)
4 Air entrainment Less than 1%

Instruction for Uni Plast SP Use

High Range Water Reducing And Super Plasticizing Concrete Admixture

Uni Plast SP can be added to the mixing water prior to its addition to the aggregates or directly to the freshly mixed concrete (the plasticizing effect is more pronounced). For ready Mix Concrete, Uni Plast SP can be added to the concrete immediately prior to discharge and after further mixing has taken place for three minutes.


Dosage is depending on application of concrete and grade. Hence, trial mix is suggested strongly. Normal dosage is from 0.6 % TO 1. 5% of cementious materials. We strongly recommend trial mix because conditions of use, materials used, ingredients, environmental factors are changed site to site.

Effects of over Dosage

When overdosing beyond the design limit occurs, it may induce the onset of segregation and bleeding. Depending on the degree of over-dosing, vigilant attention should be taken into action particularly in the properties of concrete such as its consistency and cohesiveness. Decisions should be based on this assessments.


Uni Plast SP is supplied in 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 200 litre drums.

Shelf Life & Storage

Uni Plast SP has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture when kept at a temperature between 0 0 5 C to 45 C and store in the original, unopened bags. All material shall be stored under cover in a manner that will prevent damage preferable on pallets and protected from excessive heat and moisture. Do not freeze.

Quality Assurance

Universal Construction Chemicals is a firm of Assessed Capability. The company's quality system conforms to ISO 9001:2015.

Health & Safety

Uni Plast SP is not a fire or health hazard. Spillages should not be left to enter sewers/surface or ground water, it should be washed down with plenty of water immediately. In case of eye contact or ingestion, seek medical attention without delay. Do not dispose of into water or soil but according to local regulations. Uni Plast SP is made from organic chemicals. Considered as non-toxic and non-hazardous according to relevant health and safety codes.

Uni Plast SP Standards Compliance

Uni Plast SP conforms to ASTM C 494 type F & IS: 9103-1999.