Uni Cure Wax (White)

Uni Cure Wax (White) is a white Pigmented, low viscosity wax emulsion which incorporates a special alkali reactive emulsion breaking system. This system ensures that the emulsion breaks down to form a non-penetrating continuous film immediately upon contact with a cementitious surface. This impervious film permits more efficient cement hydration, thus reducing shrinkage and increases durability. Once formed, the membrane will remain on the concrete surface until eventually broken down and eroded by natural weathering, where it is required to apply a further treatment to such concrete surface, it may be necessary to remove the membrane remaining after curing by wire brushing or other mechanical means. The use of Uni Cure Wax (White) on internal floor slabs is generally avoided where additional surface finishes are to be applied (In such case use Uni Cure C. Uni Cure Wax (White) is however ideal where the concrete surface of floor slab is to be left as 'finished'. Standard
Complies : ASTM C-309, Type 2, Class A.

Curing Compound & Mould Release Agent

Curing Compound & Mould Release Agent

Universal Construction Chemicals

Curing Compound & Mould Release Agent

Curing Compound & Mould Release Agent

Curing Compound & Mould Release Agent

Universal Construction Chemicals

Curing Compound & Mould Release Agent

Curing Compound & Mould Release Agent

Curing Compound & Mould Release Agent

Universal Construction Chemicals

Curing Compound & Mould Release Agent

Uni Cure Wax (White) Uses

For spraying on freshly cast concrete, or newly exposed concrete surfaces after removal of form work, to form a temporary membrane which will retain sufficient moisture for effective curing to take place.
Uni Cure Wax (White) is ideal for application on exterior, horizontal surfaces, such as highways, airports, and street and curb paving. Uni Cure Wax (White) is not recommended for residential applications. The product provides optimum curing when protection from the sun's heat is desired

Uni Cure Wax (White) Typical Properties

Physical Appearance White liquid
Specific Gravity @ 30 0C 1.005 + 0.005
Drying Time @ 30 0C < 4 hours approx. (as per ASTM C-309)
Reflectance (ASTM C-309) 70 %

Uni Cure Wax (White) Advantages

  • When properly applied, provides a premium grade film, which optimizes water retention.
  • Protects by reflecting the sun's rays to keep the concrete surface cooler and prevent excessive heat buildup, which can cause thermal cracking.
  • Furnished as a ready-to-use, true water-based compound.
  • Produces hard, dense concrete ... minimizes hair checking, thermal cracking, dusting and other defects.
  • Offers a compressive strength significantly greater than improperly or uncured concrete.
  • Increases tensile strength for greater resistance to cracking and surface crazing.
  • Improves resistance to the abrasion and corrosive actions of salts and chemicals ... minimizes shrinkage.
  • Applies quickly and easily with conventional commercial spray equipment.
  • VOC compliant … VOC content is <100 g/L.

Instruction for Uni Cure Wax (White) Use

Water based concrete curing compound

Surface Preparation

  • As Uni Cure Wax (White) is ready to use, no preparation is required for using it.
  • Uni Cure Wax (White) should be applied as quickly as possible on fresh concrete.
  • Surface should be pre - wetted before applying Uni Cure Wax (White) ensuring that there is no free water on the surface at the time of application.


  • Preparation : Application equipment must be clean and free of any previously used materials.


Any settling or separation in the container must be redispersed with gentle agitation prior to use. CAUTION : TO AVOID FOAMING, DO NOT MIX EXCESSIVELY. DO NOT THIN.

Application Method

Spray on in one even coat with a hand or power sprayer as soon as the surface water disappears from concrete surface.


Cleanup … Prior to drying, equipment may be easily cleaned with soap and water. Once dried, use mineral spirits or other suitable petroleum solvent.


  • Concrete staining may occur if Uni Cure Wax (White) is applied to dry surfaces.
  • Uni Cure Wax (White) should be protected from rain and traffic for three (3) hours after application, or until the membrane has completely dried.
  • To prevent clogging, regular cleaning of jet sprays during application is recommended.
  • A should not be over coated with other coatings or treatments. If material is to be applied over the top of a surface treated with Uni Cure Wax (White), sandblasting or solvent treatment is recommended as surface preparation.
  • Early application of Uni Cure Wax (White) will help prevent plastic shrinkage cracks from occuring by reducing the amount of water evaporating. Concrete curing compound, however, will not counter the effects of cracking that may occur as a result of long term drying shrinkage. Good concrete practices must apply when positioning construction joints and shrinkage control joint.

Packing & Coverage

  • Packing : 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 & 200 ltrs. Containers.
  • 2 Coverage : 5-6 m per liter

Shelf Life & Storage

Uni Cure Wax (White) has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture when kept at a temperature between 5 0C to 45 0C and store in the original, unopened bags. All material shall be stored under cover in a manner that will prevent damage preferable on pallets and protected from excessive heat and moisture. Do not freeze.

Health & Safety

  • Uni Cure Wax (White) does not contain any hazardous substances requiring labeling.
  • It is safe for use with standard precautions followed in the construction industry, such as use of hand gloves, safety goggles, etc.
  • For detailed Health, Safety and Environmental recommendations, please consult and follow all instructions on the product Material Safety Data Sheet.

Quality Assurance

Universal Construction Chemicals is a firm of Assessed Capability. The company's quality system conforms to ISO 9001:2015.