UNI WALL PUTTY is a premix high quality white cement based wall putty for internal wall. UNI WALL PUTTY consists of specialized polymers, white Cement, and other materials which combine to give superior strength and stability. UNI WALL PUTTY only requires addition of water before application to prepare the product for use. UNI WALL PUTTY is manufactured at ultramodern set up with strict quality control.

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Decorative Coating

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Decorative Coating

Key Features of UNI WALL PUTTY

  • Ready to use
  • Enhanced water resistance of plastering surface
  • Minimum wastage of resources.
  • Increases reliability in post plastering quality assurance
  • Freedom from flaking

Technical specifications

Colour White
Pot life > 90Min
PH 9.2 - 10.1
Coverage 8 - 15 Sq. Ft/Kg (Depending on finish of the Wall)
Recommended Mixing 300 - 450 ml of water for per kg of UNI Wall Putty

Technical Details

Physical Appearance White - -
Setting Time : Initial 270 Min > = 30 Min IS : 4031 (Part-5) : 1988
Setting Time : Final 300 Min < = 600 Min IS : 4031 (Part-5) : 1988
Tensile Adhesion Strength White - -
Physical Appearance 0.85 Mpa >0.8 Mpa ASTM D 4541 - 02 & EN 1015-12
Compression Strength 7.2 Mpa 7 - 12 Mpa EN 1015 : 11
Flexural Strength 1.89 Mpa - EN 1015 : 11
Water Retentivity 99.60% > = 95 % EN 1015 – 8
Water Absorption 0.04 kg/m2 0.13 kg/m2 EN 1015 - 18 & EN 998-1-2003

Mixing and Application of UNI WALL PUTTY

  • For mixing, mix UNI WALL PUTTY with 35 to 40 % of water.
  • Mix first for 5-10 minutes by hand of electrical mixer to mix homogeneously.
  • Allow putty to stand for next 5 minutes so that additives may react with water. Again stir the mixture for 2 minutes.
  • Now UNI WALL PUTTY is ready to use.
  • Before application clean the surface of wall so that they are free from any dust, oil and fungus. If required pre wetting of the surface can be done.
  • Do not disturb the wall after application of putty for at least 16 to 24 hours. The setting time is affected by climatic conditions, allow stand along time accordingly.
  • Firmly press tiles over the surface.
  • Do not disturb the tile surface after application of tile adhesive for at least 24 hours. The setting time is affected by climatic conditions, allow stand along time accordingly.

Recommended tools for UNI WALL PUTTY application for Better performance

  • Electrical Mixer
  • Trough
  • Packaging – 40 kg bag
  • Shelf Life – 6 months from the date of manufacturing (if stored in dry and unopened condition)

Disclaimer: Information on this datasheet is to be treated as guideline for usage. Users are advised to undertake a trial for product suitability prior to it’s full scale usage. There is no express or implied guaranty/warranty for the results. The company is not liable for any consequential damages.