Uni Grouts GP 65

Uni Grouts GP 65 is a premixed cement based, non-ferrous, non-shrink grout, exhibiting good flow characteristics. This economical performance grout offers the advantage of low water requirements and medium to high compressive strengths. Uni Grouts GP 65 should be specified for general purpose construction site applications where the major emphasis is on ease of application. Uni Grouts GP 65 is supplied ready-touse as a dry powdered product requiring only the addition of water to be used for a wide range of applications.

Uni Grouts GP 65 produces high early and ultimate strengths without intermediate or latent shrinkage. Uni Grouts GP 65 remains stable without failure from compressive loading, impact, lateral thrusts, high heat or continuous vibration. Plastic settlement and shrinkage are prevented by the shrinkage compensated mix design. Low mixing water demand results in the hardened grout giving good freeze-thaw stability, low water absorption plus resistance to oil, sea water and mild alkali attack. The grout is chloride free, can be safely used in contact with steel and can be placed in section thicknesses of 10mm up to 100mm.

Engineering Grouts

Uni Grouts GP 65 Uses

Uni Grouts GP 65 is used for precision grouting where it is essential to withstand static and dynamic loads. Typical applications would be the grouting of base plates of turbines, compressors, boiler feed pumps etc., It can also be used for anchoring a wide range of fixings. These include masts, anchor bolts and fence posts.

Uni Grouts GP 65 Advantages

  • Prepacked, In factory ensures consistency in supply requires addition of water to develop a free flow, non shrinking and high strength gaining grout.
  • Material shrinkage is offset by expansion during green condition and later on by maintain original volume.
  • Self leveling by nature.
  • Easy placement and filling of under base of machinery.
  • Contains no chlorides, or corrosive ingredients.
  • Similar appearance to concrete

Uni Grouts GP 65 Typical Properties

General purpose, non-shrink, free flow cementitious grout

Compressive Strength (BS 1881 : Part 116,1983 & ASTM C 1107) @ w/p ratio 0.18 (flowable), w/p ratio 0.16 (Pourable)
Flowable W/P=0.18 Pourable W/P=0.16
1 24 N/mm² 27 N/mm²
3 40 N/mm² 50 N/mm²
7 55 N/mm² 65 N/mm²
28 65 N/mm² 75 N/mm²
Flexural Strength (BS 4551, 1998)

Flowable W/P=0.19
1 2.5 N/mm²
3 7 N/mm²
7 9 N/mm²
28 10 N/mm²
Unrestrained expansion 1 to 4%
0 Consistency Life 20 minutes @ 30 C
3 Density 2000 kg/m
Initial Setting Time Approx. 5 hrs.
Flow on Flow Table 17 to 24 cms.

Note : Cubes cast were kept under resistant before testing to simulate site condition. Size of the cubes used 70.6mm x 70.6mm x 70.6mm tested at 300C.

Instruction for Uni Grouts GP 65 Use

General purpose, non-shrink, free flow cementitious grout

Surface Preparation

Correct and thorough surface preparation is essential to achieve the high performance qualities of Uni Grouts GP 65.
All surfaces must be clean, sound and free from dust, ice, oils, grease and other surface contaminants such as curing membranes and form release agents etc. Bolt holes and fixing pockets should be free of dirt and debris by air blasting. For maximum bond, surfaces should be abraded or roughened, preferably by mechanical means such as needle gun, grit blasting, grinding etc. All prepared surfaces must be saturated with water several hours prior to grouting, ensuring it is free of any surface water or puddles.


The formwork used must be leak proof to allow for the free flowing Uni Grouts GP 65. The formwork should be arranged so that the grout head is maintained on the side above the level of the underside of the base plate. This will allow gravity flow to completely fill the void to be granted. Formwork should be coated with form oil to allow easy removal of forms. Ensure adequate air holes are provided.


Pour 4 litres of clean water into the mixing vessel for each complete bag of Uni Grouts GP 65. Slowly add the Uni Grouts GP 65 to the water whilst continually mixing. Mechanical mixing is preferable using either a high torque slow speed drill with a Grout Stirrer or a grout mixer set on a slow speed. (High speed or colloidal mixing will cause thixotropy leading to loss of flow).


Grout should be placed within 20 minutes after start of mixing. Continuous placing is important, pouring from one side of the formwork until the grout appears at the opposite side of the grouting area. Do not disturb once grouting has been completed. GP Grout may be placed at temperatures between 5°C and 45°C.
Uni Grouts GP 65 can be placed in thicknesses up to 100mm in a single pour when used as an under plate grout. For thicker sections it is necessary to fill out Uni Grouts GP 65 grout with well graded silt free aggregate to minimize heat buildup. Typically a 10mm aggregate is suitable. 50 - 100% aggregate weight of Uni Grouts GP 65 can be added. Any bolt pockets must be grouted prior to grouting between the substrate and the base plate.


Placed grout which is exposed should be cured in accordance with good concrete practice including water spray and spray applied curing membrane.

Tools Cleaning

Tools and equipment can be easily cleaned with a clean water.


Uni Grouts GP 65 grout is supplied in 25 kg single lined HDPE bags.


One bag (25 kg.) of Uni Grouts GP 65 will yield 12.5 litres at pourable consistency & 13.3 litres at flowable consistency.

Shelf Life & Storage

Uni Grouts GP 65 has a shelf life of 6 months from date of manufacture when kept at a temperature between 5 0C to 45 0C and store in the original, unopened bags. All material shall be stored under cover in a manner that will prevent damage preferable on pallets and protected from excessive heat and moisture. Do not freeze.

Health & Safety

Uni Grouts GP 65 is alkaline when mixed with water and should not come into contact with skin or eyes. Avoid inhalation of dust during mixing and wear safety glasses, dust mask and gloves. If skin contact occurs wash thoroughly with clean water. Should eye contact occur rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice. Full health and safety data is given in Product Safety Data Sheet.

Quality Assurance

Universal Construction Chemicals LTD. is a firm of Assessed Capability. The company's quality system conforms to ISO 9001:2015 certified.