Uni Top N

Uni Top N is a plasticizer and cement binder. It is an economical concrete floor hardener recommended for both interior and exterior use. Uni Top N produces a hard, dense, sear resistant surface which resists corrosion and absorption grease, lils, alkalis and most chemicals. Uni Top N is available in Grey, Red and Green color

Uni Top N Uses

  • Lobbies and waiting rooms of commercial and public buildings.
  • Corridors and washrooms in institutional and public buildings.
  • Restaurants and dairies.
  • Auto showrooms and service centers.
  • Factory and warehouse floors.
  • Commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Steel mills and generating plants.
Uni Top N

Uni Top N Advantages

  • Hardens concrete in one economical operation
  • Use of hard and properly graded aggregates increases the wear resistance over plain concrete floors.
  • Ready-to-use factory blend eliminates messy and expensive job mixing and minimizes errors.
  • Non-rusting materials make it possible to use Uni Top N outdoors as well as indoors.

Uni Top N Typical Properties

Finishing : Smooth, but anti-skid
Hardness on Mho's scale : 7 to 8

Instruction for Uni Top N Use

Dry-shake, Non-metallic floor hardener

Surface Preparation

Calculate the total quantity of Uni Top N to be used, divide and mark the area into suitable bays and set out the bags evenly around the perimeter of the application area. Make sure that the required wooden hand floats and power floats are on sit and ready to use.

Placing Concrete

With the least possible handling, deposit concrete between previously placed screed points. Move concrete into place with square tipped shovel or other solid bladed tools. Vibrators when used should be inserted vertically and should not be used to move concrete. The concrete once place is further leveled and consolidated with wooden bull floats or hand floats. Remove any bleed water, which is present on the surface.

Applying The First Shake

Transfer Uni Top N powder from the bags to pails of a size convenient for handling by the person walking on the freshly floated surface. When the concrete has set enough to leave a 3 6 mm footprint on the surface, start broadcasting 2/3rd of the quantity evenly over the surface. As soon as the material darkens, start working on the surface with wooden float. Power flats can be used but make sure that the surface is not overworked which results in excessive moisture surfacing.

Applying the second shake

As the floating proceeds, immediately follow the process by broadcasting, at right angles to the initial broadcast, the balance 1/3rd of the quantity set apart. Once the material darkens, float the surface with a poser float bringing the moisture completely though. In the case of heavy duty application the first broad cast will be cone only with the half the quantity. This is followed by two separate broadcasts each with the quantity and at right angle to each other.

Bay Edges

Extreme care and attention should be given at the bay edges and corners as they endure heavy wear and tear. Bay edges are usually reinforced with one of the following ways.
1. Immediately after the leveling of the fresh concrete, sprinkle by hand at a rate of 5 kg / m² in strips of 10 cm width along the bay edges (i.e., 0.5 kg per running meter)
2. Immediately after the leveling of the fresh concrete, remove a wedge of concrete 10mm deep at the edges. Then apply a stiff mass of Uni Top N mixed with clean water. This must be fully compacted.


Proper curing of the surface of the surface is very important for the achievement of the required physical properties of the finished floor. Salt water and brackish Please refer to the detailed method statements for more intricate details on application

Tools Cleaning

Tools and equipment can be easily cleaned with a clean water.


  • Do not apply over concrete containing aggregate contaminated with salt or salt water.
  • Do not apply over concrete containing free water on the surface.
  • Do not apply over concrete containing more than 3 % entrained air.

Packing & Coverage

Uni Top N is available in 25 kg. woven bag.

Coverage : For Grey color Uni Top N
Light duty : 3 kg/m
Medium duty : 5 kg/m
Heavy duty : 7 kg/m

For colored Uni Top N

Light duty : 5 kg/m
Medium duty : 7 kg/m
Heavy duty : 9 kg/m

Consultant the local Universal Construction Chemicals representative for a specific recommendation to meet your specific nees.

Shelf Life & Storage

Uni Top N has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture when kept at a temperature between 5 0C to 45 0C and store in the original, unopened bags. All material shall be stored under cover in a manner that will prevent damage preferable on pallets and protected from excessive heat and moisture. Do not freeze.

Health & Safety

Uni Top Nshould not come into contact with skin, eyes or be swallowed. Protective glasses should be worn during mixing and application. Should Uni Top N come into contact with skin, remove before hardening by washing with soap and water. Should accidental eye contact occur wash with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed seek medical advice immediately. Do not induce vomiting. For full health and safety data refer to Product Safety Data Sheet.

Quality Assurance

Universal Construction Chemicals is a firm of Assessed Capability. The company's quality system conforms to ISO 9001:2015.